One Click + Purchase

Today, buying a home is hard, opaque and just plain annoying at times. Each stage of homebuying has its own set of problems - going to see homes, finding an agent, getting a mortgage, making an offer, closing, lawyers!

What if you could simply go online and buy the home you want? What if you had the equivalent of a one-click purchase on Amazon or a "Buy it now" on eBay?

UX / UI Design


How might we...

give a home buyer the confidence to purchase a home with the click of a button.

The User's Journey

1. Build your team

    - Agent

    - Attorney

    - Lender

2. Understand what you can afford  Educate

    - Mortgage terms & rates

    - Mortgage payments

    - Association fees

    - Attorney fees

    - Closing fees

    - etc…

3. View properties  Seach / Discover / Visit

4. Find THE property  Evaluate

5. Make an offer

6. Negotiate

7. Offer accepted  Buy

8. 10% down

9. Connect with Attorney

10. Connect with Lender

11. Inspection

12. Tentative closing date selected

13. Prepare for closing

    - Attorney fees

    - Lender fees

    - Title / Search fees

    - Local taxes

    - Mortgage payment

    - Property Insurance

    - etc…

14. Closing date scheduled

15. Close

16. Turn on utilities

17. Move in


Pain Points

Buyers don’t always know where to start and look for guidance throughout their journey.

- How does knowing how much can they afford influence their search?

Buyers want a customized experience based on their individual preferences.

Buyers are looking for detailed information about a property to help inform their decision.

- How can buyers get a feel for the property without physically being there?

- What are known and unknown issues that would be revealed during a home inspection?


Affinity Mapping



Competitive Landscape

Design Concept #1

Onboarding and building a profile +
Surfacing similar listings

AI onboarding should give buyers contextual insights on what to expect as they go through their journey.

This would help build out a user’s profile so they can act quickly when they find the one – teaching them the importance of knowing how much they can afford, helping get all their required documents together and even making suggestions on new properties based on search and save history.


Design Concept #2

3D Tour + Inspection

Buyers want to be able to make informed decisions before they purchase. 3D tours give them the opportunity to walk through the space without the need to physically be there, getting a sense of the layout and highlighting key details. It’s not just about the property but also the street and neighborhood.


Knowing the condition of a property goes a long way in making a confident decision. Questions like "Will the roof need to be replaced soon?" become easy to answer with an inspection report, which are performed by local licensed professionals.


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